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We developed Garnier SkinActive with gentle formulas and naturally-derived ingredients to leave your skin looking fresh and healthy, no matter your skin type. Find the cleanser, moisturizer, or mask for you.


Water Rose

Enjoy 24-hours of lightweight, water fresh hydration.

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SkinActive Product Line Water Rose

Face Masks

Hydrate your skin or purify clogged pores with a mask for your skin type.

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SkinActive Product Line Glow Boost Mask


Because we trust nature in giving us the best that it has to offer, we select and extract the most effective and active natural ingredients to answer the needs of each skin type.

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skinactive naturals productline

BB Cream

Instantly smooth, brighten, and even your skin tone with 24-hour hydration.

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bb cream product line


Get the breakdown on how charcoal defies breakouts by attracting toxins and drawing out impurities like oil, dirt, sweat, and make-up.

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SkinActive Product Line Clean plus

Clearly Brighter

Reveal brighter, smoother skin with antioxidant moisturizers, gentle exfoliating cleansers, and eye rollers.

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skinactive clearly brighter productline

Micellar Cleansing Water

Remove makeup without harsh rubbing, cleanse without rinsing, and refresh without residue

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SkinActive Product Line Micellar Water

Moisture Bomb

Flood your skin with the long-lasting hydration of our antioxidant-rich, water-light moisturizers.

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Moisture Rescue

Hydrate skin all day with the power of antioxidant fruit water.

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2 7 0 06h moisturerescue product v1


Fight the signs of aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles to reveal firmer, younger-looking skin.

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2 7 0 06g ultralift product v1

Care for Any Skin Type

With active ingredients, the Water Rose Micellar Cleansing Water works to clean skin, remove makeup, and deeply moisturize for long-term hydration, while our Water Rose 24H Moisture Gel and Cream both provide 24-hours of lightweight hydration without clogging pores. Used for all skin types, these products leave you with a refreshed, rejuvenated complexion, day after day.