Micellar Cleansing Expertise

The easiest way to remove makeup & cleanse

1 solution, 1 cotton pad, 1 gesture.
The all-in-1 cleanser is gentle for all skin types.


Our All-in-1 Cleansing Water covers the entire face for a complete daily cleansing routine that includes face, eyes and lips.


The All-in-1 Cleansing Water is perfectly adapted for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Unlike other makeup removers, you don’t need to rinse your face after using it.


Because we know that cleansing daily is key to maintaining radiant looking skin, we've designed our All-in-1 Cleansing Water with a generous size of 400 ml, which provides 200 uses.


How to Take my Makeup Off?

Learn the right gestures for removing your makeup
By Garnier

After a long day, removing your makeup the right way is the best thing you can do to maintain radiant looking skin.

Grab your All-in-1 Cleansing Water, a few cotton pads and let's go!

Apply two soaked cotton pads on your eyes for a few seconds.

Remove your makeup by wiping the pads vertically on your lashes from the bottom up.

Tips #1

Be gentle!

Avoid making horizontal and circular gestures so you don’t remove any eyelashes.

Wipe the cotton pad towards the outer corner of your eye. Repeat until your eyelids and lashes are makeup-free.

Tips #2

Having difficulty with your mascara?

Use a soaked cotton swab to remove any traces left on the base of your lashes.

Apply another soaked cotton pad on your entire face. Start with the lips, move up to your cheeks, then to your forehead, and finish with your neck.

Tips #3

Apply the soaked cotton pad with light pushes to remove all impurities.

Follow this order when removing your makeup: From your neck to upper face, and nose to ears. Focus the most on your T-zone: forehead, sides of the nose, mouth and chin.

Back to Basics
Don’t forget that you should always moisturize daily to keep your skin looking healthy.