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We've Got Your Curl Needs Covered

Caring for curls can be easy. Get the inside scoop on expert tips and trending techniques to style and maintain gorgeous curls. Step one: identify what type of curl you have.

Explore Wavy, Curly and Coily curl hair types to identify your own.


Wavy hair, or Type 2 Hair, are light to intense waves that create an “S” shape. To maximize your look, scrunch a lightweight styler into your hair while it’s damp. Be sure to pat dry any excess drips once you’re happy with the shape.

Type 2A – Loose Waves
Gentle “S” shapes that are flatter and fine in density stick close to your head.

Type 2B – Wavy Curls
“S” shaped waves that start at mid-length.

Type 2C – Defined Waves
Curls and waves have a coarse texture but don’t curl around themselves.

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Curly hair, or Type 3 Hair, loops back on itself and springs back into place when you pull on it. To keep your hair from clinging too close, use a jelly styler, rake fingers through hair, then shake it out. It’s prone to frizz, so moisture is essential.

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Type 3A – Curly Loops

Has more of a “C” shape and begins to loop around itself and springs back into place when pulled.

Type 3B – Rounded Spirals
Smaller, more voluminous curls with a coarse, dense texture wrap around your head.

Type 3C – Curly Coils
Dense, coarse, tightly-packed corkscrews crowd around your head.


Coily hair, or Type 4 Hair, tightens the “S” shape into densely packed curls that might even look more “Z” shaped. Hair texture ranges from fine and thin to wiry and coarse. Coily hair is prone to dehydration. Prevent that by getting a moisturizing styler that hydrates while it shapes.

Type 4A – Coily Springs
Tight “S” shaped curls that are very tightly coiled and springy with lots of volume.

Type 4B – Tight Coils
Tight coiled curls bend into a “Z” shape with a zig-zag.

Type 4C – Zig-Zag Coils
Tightly kinked, hair is more fragile and the curl pattern is almost invisible to the naked eye.

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