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Get your personalized hair colour diagnosis with Color Match

Finding the right haircolour product for you has never been easier! Garnier Color Match uses all our hair colour expertise to bring you a personal recommendation and let you virtually try it on. Your new look is just a few clicks away.

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Already know your shade? Try Garnier Virtual Try-On

Try before you buy with our advanced technology! Discover our Virtual Try On tool, the safe and easy way to check out the colour without any commitment.

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Pick your next colour in less than
one minute

With Color Match you can find the perfect shade for you in just a few clicks. Launch the quiz and start your diagnosis!

What look are you going for?

First pick exactly the look you want to achieve using our virtual try on technology to see all our shades. Whether you want a bold new look or to boost your current colour, there’s a Garnier shade that will suit your needs.

Tell us about your hair

Tone, shade, any grey hair to cover? To make sure we provide the best hair colour match for you, there’s a few things we need to know. Get our expert recommendations.

Get your personal recommendation

We’ll give you a selection of shades recommended by our hair colour experts just for your needs. If the shade you want needs professional haircolour assistance, we'll give you an alternative product recommendation you can try instead.

Try your personalized shades

Use the latest Virtual Try On technology to try your tailored product selection and see how they look live on you! Pick your favorite shade and buy online.

Best hair colour with Garnier Color Match

Get a bespoke hair colour recommendation with our Color Match tool. Whether you want radical change or to refresh your current colour, there is a Garnier shade that will suit your needs.

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