Kaolin Clay

Using Kaolin clay in hair colorant products is an emerging trend, evolving from the age-old use of clay masks in beauty regimens.

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More about Kaolin clay

Beyond being a highlight of skincare DIY beauty sessions, clay, especially kaolin, offers numerous benefits for hair. Specifically, kaolin clay can enhance the texture and shine of various hair types, making it a sought-after ingredient in various hair products and treatments.

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  • Kaolin – often referred to as white clay – is a gentle clay and among the most prevalent minerals. It’s used in various industries, from paper to pottery, but also holds a notable spot in beauty care. Traditionally celebrated as a skincare powerhouse, especially in Asia, it's now gaining popularity as a significant ingredient for hair color products.

    Usually present in hair care products, kaolin starts as a fine powder, later mixed with other ingredients to produce a smooth blend. Its absorbent nature makes kaolin adept at enhancing hair color vibrancy and longevity while preserving the hair's moisture. In hair care, it’s increasingly found in color-protecting shampoos or conditioners.
  • Incorporating kaolin into your hair care routine is optimal for preserving color vibrancy by absorbing excess oils and residues that dull hair color. It also helps in improving hair texture and reducing frizziness. Moreover, it works wonders in enhancing the sheen of colored locks.
  • Yes, both are absorbent, mineral-origin clays, but their mineral composition varies.
  • Certainly! While kaolin clay is beneficial for all hair types, it shines when used on color-treated hair, helping retain the color and preventing fading. This is why we made sure to include it in our Olia Highlights products for Blondes and Brunettes. However, as kaolin is super absorbent, for extremely dry or sensitive hair, it’s advised to use it in moderation to avoid over-drying.

  • Kaolin clay is typically found in color-protecting shampoos or conditioners. Depending on your hair type and coloring frequency, it's ideal to use it every alternate wash to maintain the vibrancy of the hair color. For those with sensitive or overly dry hair, it's best to use products with kaolin sparingly and observe how the hair reacts.