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Turn heads with reflective copper undertones

Thinking about spicing up your hair colour? If you want to breathe fresh life into your mane, consider the sexy heat of copper undertones.

The base shade isn’t the only decision that matters when it comes to hair colour; the undertones play a big part in your overall look as well. According to the pros, the right reflective undertones create multidimensional colour, which is the key to a good dye job. And if you want to warm your brown hair, transform your blonde or emphasize your red, copper undertones are the way to go. We promise, you’ll never go unnoticed.


  • Intense copper Intense copper


How do you know if copper undertones are right for you? Generally, a warm complexion (one that tans easily) can be enhanced by warm shades such as copper, auburn and gold. On the other hand, cool, blue-based shades bring out the beauty of rosy complexions. That said, a little bit of spice is a good thing and there’s definitely a copper shade for everyone.

Pro tips for choosing copper undertones

For Roger Medina, Garnier expert colourist, copper undertones are the perfect way to add oomph to your hair.

  • - Do you have brown hair? Dare to try a sensual orange-copper à la Christina Hendricks.
  • - If you have the fair skin of a true redhead, flatter the pink in your cheeks with intense or orange copper shades.
  • - Is your complexion yellow or olive in tone? Jazz up brown locks with notes of copper.
  • - Do you have black hair? Copper tones will accentuate the natural beauty of your dark head of hair. Plus, the flower oils in the Olia formula will bring out the shine of your deep, dark mane.

How to maintain copper tones

    Love your new reflective undertones? These tips will keep your hair looking as fresh as the first day you coloured it:

  • - Choose a gentle, ammonia-free dye with long-lasting pigments as found in Garnier’s Olia formula.
  • - Allow the pigments to set by waiting 24 to 48 hours after colouring before washing with shampoo.
  • - Protect your colour from fading and prolong shine by using shampoos, conditioners and masks that are formulated for colour treated hair.
  • - Try to minimize your use of hot tools such as blow dryers and straightening irons because they will dry out the hair and dull your colour.

Finding copper tones with Olia

When shopping, simply look at the hair colour boxes that have 4 in the second half of their number and you’ll find reflective undertones in the copper family.