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Transform your hair with golden undertones

Reinvent your style by infusing your hair colour with a touch of reflective gold.

Love the look of your mane after two weeks spent lying on the beach? Then you probably like the look of golden undertones, which add dimension and shimmer to otherwise dull colour. Lucky for you, you don’t need to wait for summer or a vacation to create your favourite tones. Simply follow these easy pro tips and you’ll have luxe vacation hair all year long.


  • Medium Golden Brown Medium Golden Brown
  • Light Golden Brown Light Golden Brown


Golden undertones 101

Golden undertones will best flatter a warm skin tone that skews yellow, whereas cool, pinkish complexions generally suit chestnut or frosted blonde instead of gold. Not sure about your skin tone? Think about your favourite jewellery. Do you own a lot of gold necklaces and rings? Gold probably complements your skin, which means golden undertones in your hair dye will produce harmonious, natural-looking results. Remember: These tips are guidelines. Choose the undertones that you love.

When golden undertones are right for you

For Roger Medina, Garnier expert colourist, golden undertones are perfect if you want to brighten your hair or if you fit into any of the below categories:

  • - You lack sun and your complexion is pale or greenish in hue. Warm up your skin with hints of gold in your hair.
  • - You have light brown hair and want a subtle change. Simply coat your brunette mane in sumptuous caramel.
  • - You hate the icy, cool blonde of Hitchcock heroines and prefer a laidback, surfer-girl vibe. Add golden undertones to appear as though you’ve spent weeks frolicking in the waves.

Maintaining your golden glow

Good colour maintenance begins with proper application and everything follows from there.

  • - Post-application, wait 24 to 48 hours before your first shampoo.
  • - Prolong the vibrancy and duration of your colour with shampoos, conditioners and masks that are specially formulated for coloured hair. They will prevent your hair from fading and highlight its shine and brightness.
  • - Apply oils regularly to your mane to nourish your strands and make them shine.
  • - Protect your hair from the sun and from curling and flat irons because UV rays and the heat from hot styling tools will lighten and tarnish your do.

Find your golden Olia hue

Are you ready to give your hair added shine and golden undertones? Look for Olia shades with numbers ending in 3.