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Are natural undertones the best choice for you?

If you prefer a natural look, are colouring your hair for the first time or want to neutralize brassiness,
natural undertones may be the perfect solution.

Hair colour with natural undertones may sound basic, but it’s anything but. In fact, going natural may provide the most beautiful, professional-looking results you can imagine.


  • Black Black
  • Darkest Brown Darkest Brown
  • Dark Brown Dark Brown
  • Medium Brown Medium Brown
  • Light Brown Light Brown
  • Dark Blonde Dark Blonde
  • Medium Blonde Medium Blonde
  • Light Blonde Light Blonde
  • Very Light Blonde Very Light Blonde
    Very Light
  • Super Light Natural Blonde Super Light Natural Blonde
    Super Light
    Natural Blonde

Before choosing your shade, think about

When colouring your hair at home, is there a small part of you that wonders if the colour will actually suit you? Thankfully, technological developments over the past few years mean that there’s no need to stress. Do you want to become a blonde, a brunette or a redhead? It’s easy. That said, choosing the right undertones can elevate your colour from average to amazing. They’ll add depth and will enhance the quality of your colour so no one will ever know you skipped a professional appointment.

The difference between warm and cool undertones

    There are two types of undertones: cool and warm. By choosing the hair colour with the right type of undertone, you’ll enhance your complexion and eyes. The rules are easy to follow.
  • - Warm complexions are enhanced by warm undertones. Specifically, a blonde with tanned skin will look gorgeous in warm, golden shades while a brunette with dull skin can warm up her complexion with caramel streaks.
  • - Cool, pink complexions are brought out by cool shades. If you have slightly pink skin, iced chestnut or white blonde undertones will do wonders for you.
  • - Whether you have a cool or warm complexion, you will achieve the purest and most harmonious colour with natural undertones. In other words, natural undertones can flatter just about anyone!

When natural undertones are right for you?

    Go for Olia colour boxes that
    end in zero (such as 1.0) when:
  • - You aren’t sure which undertones will suit you best. In case of doubt, natural is the way to go.
  • - You’re colouring your hair at home for the first time. Natural undertones are the stress-free solution for beginners.
  • - You’re a brunette and want to cover pesky greys, but you also want to avoid brassiness like the plague. Choose a colour with neutral or ash undertones to avoid and even correct unwanted brassiness.
  • - You want mega shine and volume. Garnier’s Olia formula is rich in flower oils, which nourish each strand to create shiny, healthy-looking hair. Bonus: Colouring your hair will also add depth and volume to a fine mane.