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How to make your
bright red hair colour last

While red hair may seem passionate and fiery, it’s also the colour that’s most prone to fading.
Follow these tips and you’ll find the best red for you and learn how to make it last and last.

There’s never been a better time to go red if you’ve ever dreamed of possessing a fiery mane.
This guide will help you find the red that will make your heart shine, along with the amazing
Garnier Olia formula that will do the same for your dull tresses.

No red is the same

  • Deep Red Deep Red
  • Medium Carmen Red Medium Carmen Red
    Garnet Red
  • Dark Carmen Red Dark Carmen Red
    Garnet Red
  • Light Garnet Red Light Garnet Red
    Garnet Red

REDS 101

Traditionally, red hair is difficult to obtain and maintain. The reason lies in the quantity of pigment that each hair fibre can absorb. The darker the colour, as is the case for reds, the more pigment it has, which means there are also more pigments that can be rejected as hair is washed or exposed to sunlight. However, technological advances made in at-home colouring have allowed Garnier Laboratories to develop Carmin Red™, a new generation of red dyes designed to resist to fading. The hues with red undertones are also truer and more intense. These developments have made it possible to obtain vibrant reds, from copper to ruby to Bordeaux.


Yes, you can achieve a beautiful red that will suit you.
But it’s also important to be realistic. Garnier expert colourist Roger Medina has few pro tips.
- On dark hair, you must choose an intense, deep shade in order for
the dye to show up. Try black cherry (3.6) or intense auburn (4.6).
- For lighter browns, just about any shade can work. From the most
precious ruby (5.6) to the fieriest auburn (6.6), the world of red is your oyster.

Not sure if you’re ready for a dramatic change?
Choose a colour with red undertones, which will allow you to flirt with the trend
and evaluate which red goes best with your complexion. To obtain the best
possible results, take into account the undertone of your complexion.
- If your complexion is neutral, meaning it is neither pink nor yellow,
all shades of red will work for you.
- If you have a fair complexion with pink undertones, try a red-orange.
- If your skin is yellow or olive, a copper brown will bring out your features.
- If your skin is dark, choose shades that have purple in them,
such as burgundy or wild berry.


- Take your time when apply your colour.
- Rinse twice. Once the colour has set (follow the directions on the box!),
stand under a stream of warm water and massage the colour
as though you’re lathering up with shampoo. Add a second stream
of warm water and repeat. This will allow the pigments and oils contained
in Olia formula to thoroughly penetrate your hair and make it shine.
- Rinse until the water becomes clear, and use the conditioning treatment in the box.
If there is some left over, use it next time you wash your hair.
- Wait between 24 and 48 hours before your first shampoo. This waiting period
will allow the pigments enough time to set into the core of the hair fibre.
- Maintain your colour with shampoos and conditioners
formulated for colour-treated hair.
Also look for products with UV filters that prevent
the colour from fading in the sun and prolong its radiance.
- Avoid regular or dandruff shampoos that may quickly strip the colour.


Look for colour boxes with 6 in the number, such as 6.6 Light Intense Auburn.
If you only want reddish undertones, choose your tone level (black, brown, blonde),
and then find the box numbers that end in 6.