Soothe and nourish your hair for everyday comfort and softness

Having fragile hair or a sensitive scalp can be a challenge: the smallest things seem to cause damage or irritate, in ways you might not even realize. However, with the right habits and products, you’ll be able to take care of your hair and make it stronger, day after day. Read on to learn how to take care of your sensitive hair and scalp!

How Exactly Is Hair Made?

Our hair is made of two main parts: the root and the hair shaft. The shaft is the part of our hair we can see; the long strand that comes out from the scalp. The outer shell of the shaft is called the cuticle.
When hair is in healthy and good condition, the cuticle acts as a shield against external aggressions, making your hair highly resistant to temperature changes, styling, pollution and wear. Thus, the more the cuticle is damaged or altered, the more your hair will become fragile and prone to breaking.

What Factors Can Damage Your Hair?
Healthy hair is usually soft, shiny, silky and strong. However, during the hair growth cycle (average of 3 to 6 years), we expose our hair to many environmental stresses such as the sun and humidity, as well as brushing, washing, drying and even using repeated chemical treatments. These factors can damage our locks and make them dry, dehydrated, and prone to breaking, which changes the appearance of the hair fibre; your locks become dull and more conducive to brittle.

How Can You Take Better Care of Your Hair?

Brushing, combing, washing, drying, straightening. . . Your daily styling habits can truly damage and weaken your hair over time

While there is no magic trick to keep your hair healthy, you can adjust your haircare routine by doing small changes. First of all, choose products that are suitable for fragile hair and sensitive scalp, such as Oat Delicacy—made from oat milk and rice cream, without parabens. Then, make sure to dry your hair in the open air from time to time, instead of always using the hair dryer. Your everyday ponytail or bun could also cause damage if you always wear an elastic at the same place in your hair. To avoid this problem, try to alternate between different hairstyles. If you spend time in cold weather or under the sun, protect your hair by wearing a hat or a scarf. These tips are very easy to follow, and they will make a huge difference!

The Oat Delicacy Line

Give your fragile hair and itchy scalp a dose of softness and comfort with the Whole Blends Oat Delicacy care line. Rice cream, famous for its softening properties, is blended with oat milk, an ingredient known to deeply soothe and hydrate. This delicately scented, very comforting scalp and hair range calms itchiness and nourishes fragile hair, making it shiny and oh-so soft. Furthermore, the formula is paraben-free, and our bottles are made from 30% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. What’s not to love?

You’ll fall in love with the Whole Blends Oat Delicacy Shampoo and Conditioner, which will soothe your hair and make them stronger after every wash.