Oat’s renowned natural properties for the health of your hair.

The use of oat in hair care is anything but new. On the contrary, its properties have been renowned for centuries, and today we know exactly why it is so beneficial. Here are 3 oat properties that make it an excellent natural ingredient for hair care.

1. Oat Cleanses Efficiently

This cereal is indeed renowned for its purifying qualities. Its absorbing power helps remove impurities without harming or damaging. The natural molecules behind this property are the saponins, which oat is full of. Therefore, hair care products that contain saponins have a strong cleansing power.

Oat milk is at the top of the list of ingredients of the Whole Blends Oat Delicacy shampoo. It leaves hair clean, but also hydrated and light. It is also oat that makes this range so soft for the scalp, and protects your locks from root to tip.

2. It Creates a Natural Protection

Oat’s second property is to create a natural barrier, thanks to the proteins it contains. They naturally bind to the hair: this prevents dehydration and blocks toxins.

Oat’s hydrating power is also long-lasting, because the polysaccharides it naturally contains envelops the skin while attracting and retaining water. It is one of the reasons why an oat-based hair product can have long-term positive effects, even two weeks after use.

3. Oat is Soothing

Soothing and relieving: these are two well-known qualities of oat! It is true that an oat beauty product, with its soothing perfume, also provides an immediate effect of softness. It is not a surprise that oat milk was already used by Cleopatra herself to make her skin soft.

It is because of the polysaccharides it contains that oat has soothing and pulping properties: when in contact with water, they transform into a highly hydrating and soothing gel. The particular hydration offered by an oat product helps hair keep its volume (they never get heavy) and a fresh, healthy appearance. All while purifying, oat leaves a comforting, delicate layer behind.

Naturally lubricating lipids that can be found in oat help it automatically soothes irritations and rashes. Sensitive skins and delicate scalps should therefore be treated with a natural ingredient such as oat. With a routine including Garnier’s Whole Blends Oat Delicacy shampoo and conditioner, hair has an improved look and it becomes soft and supple, without damaging their natural barrier or irritating the scalp.


All Whole Blends products containing the wonderful ingredient that is oat can be used on a regular basis to take care of the hair and scalp. Without a doubt, natural beauty starts with the delicacy of oat.