Washing and styling your hair with natural ingredients for long-term effects.

The virtues of natural products for the skin and hair are very popular right now. The comeback of these recipes is welcome: we are looking for efficient and non-invasive ways to take care of ourselves. It’s the same thing when it comes to washing and hydrating our hair. To get a healthy mane, we must use ingredients that are natural as well.

Why Use Natural Products for our Hair?

It’s purely logical: a natural look starts with hair products with healthy ingredients. That is the idea behind Garnier’s Whole Blends range: pure beauty, with natural and beneficial ingredients.

Whole Blends carefully designed formulas that offer daily benefits. The comfort and softness brought by ingredients such as oat, honey and coconut oil can be seen: hair has a healthy and absolutely natural look in the long run.

Benefits of Coconut

Take for example coconut oil, which is known to treat common hair problems. To treat dryness or static control, coconut oil acts at the source of the problem, thanks to its highly hydrating and nourishing properties.

Rich in fatty acids, coconut oil offers a soft, rich texture; it is ideal to make even the most rebellious hair supple and smooth.

Following the Green Chemistry philosophy, the Whole Blends products have been created according to 12 principles promoting the use of natural raw material, and which are also renewable. Above all, these precious ingredients leave hair healthy, soothed and silky.

Natural ingredients for beautiful hair

Amongst the numerous ingredients coming from nature which are at the source of the Whole Blends hair products, we can find:

Oat milk, an antioxidant and softening ingredient which contains vitamin B1, calcium and iron;

The rice cream, which is both stimulating and skin-nourishing, thanks to the vitamins B and E it contains. In addition and to maintain hydration, which helps protect delicate hair, it is ideal for sensitive scalps because of its softness.

Honey, which is both antiseptic and nutritive, is renowned to give a natural glow to the hair while being effective on all scalp types. In addition, it softens the hair incredibly.

Avocado, thanks to the vitamins A and E it contains and its antioxidant power, improves the natural barrier of the hair, in addition to hydrating the damaged fibres in depth, from root to tip.

Long-term effects of natural ingredients on hair are easy to observe. They are never damaged, thanks to the protecting barrier created by the oat, and they maintain their natural hydration while staying simply smooth.