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Begin by sectioning the hair from behind the ear on both sides.

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Then use an elastic to tie the remaining hair.

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Unclip the front 2 sections of the hair and pull all of the hair over to one side to begin your French braid, working your way around the face. Finish off the braid with an elastic.

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Spray Fructis Texture Tease and separate the braid with your hands to make it bigger and add texture.

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42nd Braid

Make a second French braid with the hair that you had set aside in a ponytail. This braid should continue in the same direction as the first braid making it look like one long French braid.

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Bobby pin the first braid under the second braid all the way up.

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Then bobby pin the second braid up along your crown.
Use bobby pins here and there to tighten and perfect the look.

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Finish off the look by spraying with Fructis Texture Tease or hairspray for added texture and hold.

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Other looks

  • MessyTexturedLookHeader-md

    Messy Textured Look

    Start by sectioning off 2 sections at the crown and making a ponytail with the hair.

  • FlowerCrownHeader-md

    Flower Crown

    Part your hair as desired and divide into 5 equal sections starting the first section behind your ear.

  • MessyHighPonyHeader-md

    Messy High Pony

    Use Fructis Texture Tease to give your hair texture and grip.