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Start by sectioning off 2 sections at the crown and making a ponytail with the hair.

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2Make waves

Create an S wave by curving the flat iron towards and away from the face as you work your way down the hair for a more textured look. Repeat the same on the other side.

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Undo the ponytail and bring your hair to a middle part. Repeat your S wave on the rest of the hair.

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Bring the hair forward then spray and scrunch with Fructis Beach Chic.

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Use your favourite Fructis hairspray to finish the look.

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Other looks

  • FlowerCrownHeader-md

    Flower Crown

    Part your hair as desired and divide into 5 equal sections starting the first section behind your ear.

  • MessyHighPonyHeader-md

    Messy High Pony

    Use Fructis Texture Tease to give your hair texture and grip.

  • FishtailBraidsHeader-md

    Fishtail Braid

    Start by creating a mohawk section at the top of your hair and clip aside.