Summer 2017: 5 trendy hair colors you simply cant miss

Summer 2017: 5 trendy hair colors you simply cant miss

Whatever your natural hair it is time to bring it a level lighter and brighter: make place for platinum blonde, beach blonde hair lights, dip dye and more!

Sometimes it seems like nothing goes better with cut-off shorts and sandals than a blonde mane or touch of golden highlightsand thats true whether your natural hair is light or dark. To make things super simple, its now easy to bleach your hair at home with no damage, even if you want to go from dark hair to platinum blonde.

1. Dare to go platinum blonde

Take the plunge and going platinum blonde for summer, whether youre lightening your naturally dark blonde, light brown or medium brown hair. Choose an architectural cut for a super modern feel, or go rocker chic with messy waves.

2. Wear bleached blond hair on your dark roots

Have naturally dark hair but want to go blonde? Youre in luck, because visible roots are hot in the moment. So bleach your locks one time and then wait several months before redoing your roots. Youll still be perfectly on trend.

This easy hair tutorial video has tons of great tips for creating nourished blonde hair with dark roots. [LINK]

3. Highlights and balayage

Subtle, fun and natural sun-kissed and beach blonde hair are the way to go. And with Nutrisse Ultra Color, you can do highlights on your hair at homeor even try balayage, a painting technique that mixes an ombr?ase with hand-painted highlights.

Try balayage at home with this hair tutorial. [LINK]

4. Dip dye

Whether you want to lighten your base hue or keep it natural, dipping the ends of your hair into a vibrant colouror even a deep blackis a low-maintenance way to update your mane and add a little bit of edge to your style.

Watch this dip-dye video to get a knack for the technique. [LINK]

5. Hair dye for men: go blonde!

Think an ultra-blonde, platinum or bleached-blonde shade is just for women? Think again. Wear light locks and dark eyebrows with a dose of confidence and you cant go wrong. But if it turns out you dont love it, you can go back to your natural colour (or a brand new one altogether) luckily split.

Are you a man and bleaching your hair for this first time? Check out this hair bleaching tutorial for inspiration. [LINK]

How Nutrisse Ultra Color work on natural or coloured hair

HL 1, 2 and 3 shades lighten up to four levels with no bleach and contain a precision brush for an easy application, while Ultra Color shades with bleach such as D++, D01 and DB lighten up to six tones, whether on natural hair, previously coloured hair or on darker hair, to create an ultra-natural blonde thats intense, luminous and long-lasting.

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