Having healthy, glowing skin isn’t so hard: the best skin care strategy to maintaining good daily habits. Yes, the secret of a youthful looking skin is committing to your skincare routine. For a better understanding, here are three guidelines to follow for to avoid unwanted skin problems and to maintain a healthy complexion.

1. Determine your skin type

Your skin type will influence your choice of skincare products, and even the way you should wear them; you won’t get anywhere if you don’t know this! Is your skin reactive? If so, you’ll need hypoallergenic skincare products, whether it is for your eyelids, your lashes or your cheeks. Is your skin oily, combination or dry? Your foundation won’t have the same composition for all of these.

Take the time to ask a skincare expert to help you determine what products are right for your skin type. You’ll see that your skin care routine will only get simpler! By adapting the products to your skin type, you will avoid faux pas and skin reactions: you’ll just need to maintain your skin care routine.

2. Do not sleep with your makeup on

Makeup removal is the most important of these steps. Before going to bed, you need to remove all traces of mascara, foundation, eyeliner, primer and more. This way, your skin can breathe properly and your pores won’t get clogged, which may lead to the development of pimples. The benefits? A perfectly cleansed skin ready for skin rejuvenation after a night of beauty sleep.

For this important step, Garnier’s Micellar Water [V1] is a must-have. This colloidal solution provides smooth makeup removal that’s quick and non-aggressive. The micelles it contains attract makeup like a magnet – whether it is mascara, eyeshadow or foundation – to leave the skin clean and hydrated. Remember that one of the most important benefits of micellar water is that it requires no rinsing, as rinsing with harsh tab water lead to important moisture loss. This is why anyone can use it, whether you have combination, dry or sensitive skin.

3. Moisturize and hydrate

When it comes to moisturizers, you also need to know which ones work best for you. An important skincare tip: apply them at a good frequency; we recommend to use one for the daytime, one for before going to bed, and one to hydrate and sooth your eyes.

The most important thing is not only rely on your moisturizer to treat already irritated skin. Your skincare products will be much more effective if the skin is already prepped, hence the advantage of micellar water. Since this gentle cleanser does not affect the skin’s natural moisture barrier, it helps the skin absorb the benefits of your chosen cream more efficiently.

Thus, the rule is to maintain a healthy skin at every step of your beauty regime. You can finally exfoliate to stop impurities getting into your pores; once a week is sufficient to see its benefits. Start this easy skincare routine now: choose the right product, remove your makeup daily and moisturize your skin. You’re bound to see the positive effects on your skin!