Color Shield Picture this: you’ve just enjoyed a wonderful trip to the salon – we’re talking cut, colour, blow-dry, the works. A few weeks later, you notice your colour has already started to fade – talk about a serious waste of time and money.

How can you maintain your colour vibrancy until your next trip to the salon?
Garnier’s new paraben-free Fructis Color Shield line – featuring shampoo and conditioner – is fortified with Acai Berry & UV Filters to help keep colour looking and feeling fresh for longer. Our exclusive formula helps resist wash-out, fade out, and dry-out, for fresh, vibrant colour that lasts longer – up to 8 weeks of colour vibrancy!

The Amazon’s Super Fruit

Grown in large clusters on top of palm trees in the Amazon rainforest, the acai berry is praised for its high concentration of antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats – so it’s no wonder the South American super fruit has taken the health and beauty industries by storm.
Extracted from the pulp of the fruit, Fructis acai is rich in antioxidants and plays an important role in colour conservation by helping to restore hair’s power.