Are you working with hair drier than the Sahara desert? Maybe you’ve been over-washing, over-bleaching, or over-blow-drying, and your brittle tresses have finally caught up with you? Put down the heat styling tools and discover our new formula– you’ve got work to do.

Say hello to Garnier’s new sulfate-free haircare system – our first ever – the Fructis Triple Nutrition Butter Rich line for Intensely Dry Hair. Like the name suggests, Triple Nutrition Butter Rich products – including shampoo, conditioner, and Butter Cream Mask Treatment – are designed to quench your dry hair. Infused with a rich concentration of Coconut, Jojoba, Macadamia oils, and Natural Glycerin, our formula provides hair with 3X more nourishment. Say hello to stronger, replenished hair and wave goodbye to your dry, brittle hair!

All About Coconut Oil: The Miracle Oil With Staying Power

Recently, coconut oil has made a serious comeback in the food, health, and beauty industries – and for good reason. Believed to be one of nature’s natural “cure-alls”, the unique properties found in coconut oil have been revered by natives of the South Pacific region for decades.

From cooking to skincare to hair care, coconut oil is a force to be reckoned with as a natural alternative to harsh chemical agents. Aside from its proven healthcare properties – heart disease prevention and high blood pressure prevention, to name a few – coconut oil is a hair care superstar. The highly moisturizing oil is naturally hydrating, detoxifying, and full of vitamins.