Charcoal: a Purifying Superhero!

Charcoal: a Purifying Superhero!

Lets’ see the advantages of charcoal for the skin.

Few ingredients found in skin care are as powerful as charcoal. This natural active ingredient deeply purifies and cleanses without damaging the skin, which makes it an efficient ingredient for all skin types, from normal to sensitive. Discover the wonderful properties of charcoal for skin.

Charcoal: Its Properties for the Skin

Charcoal has a super powerful absorption power, thanks to its porous composition made of small cavities. It acts as a magnet and draws impurities, bacteria, sebum and oil; everything that can lead to imperfections like blackheads or zits. It is so strong that it can attract hundreds of times its own weight in dirt! This property makes it one of the best purifying ingredients for the skin.

We might think that this powerful absorption capacity makes charcoal an ingredient someone with dry skin must avoid. On the contrary, this active ingredient detoxifies the skin without harming the hydrolipidic film that protects it. Therefore, charcoal can be used by those who have very dry, sensitive or reactive skin, without irritating or damaging it.

Sheet Masks: Why and How to Use Them

Made of fabric fibres, sheet masks are full of rich serums that answer specific needs. They give the skin an intense dose of hydration by following the shape of the face and sticking to the skin, therefore infusing it with all its powerful ingredients. Even if most sheet masks should be applied on the whole face, certain masks are designed for specific zones, like the lips or the eye area.

Sheet masks repulp the skin by giving it an instant boost of hydration in a very short period of time. Its regenerative and soothing properties make it ideal for dry or irritated complexions. It’s so easy: apply it on your face and leave it on for 15 minutes, then take it off! Unlike other types of masks, you don’t need to wash your face after taking off the sheet mask: simply massage the remaining serum to make it penetrate de skin, therefore taking advantage of each drop of its powerful benefits.

The best aspect of sheet masks surely is their super sweet price: it is very common to find quality masks under $5. Because they are generally offered in one-time use packages, you don’t need to buy a huge jar of a product you might not like, which avoids waste. Their compact format makes it a perfect skin care product to have at hand when you are on the road or travelling. Moreover, even if we tend to use traditional clay masks for oily, acne-prone skins, and gels or creams for hydration, the same skin problems can be treated with sheet masks, without making a mess. Sheet masks can be used once a week: a regular use will revitalize and hydrate your skin, and brighten your complexion.

The Super Purifying Sheet Mask: A combination of Powerful Benefits

The purifying effect of charcoal and the concentrated treatment of sheet masks combined in one product, the Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Sheet Mask. Containing no parabens or mineral oils, this non-oily sheet mask made of charcoal and algae extract draws impurities that can block pores for a deeply clean feel. The skin seems fresh and the complexion is healthy and glowing. No need to rinse! Simply apply the mask and leave it on for 15 minutes, then massage the remaining serum to make it penetrate the skin. It’s so easy to have gorgeous skin with Garnier SkinActive!

Lets’ see the advantages of charcoal for the skin.

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