Article 6 Sunscreen Not only for a day at the beach Article 6 Sunscreen Not only for a day at the beach

Sun screen: not only for a day at the beach!

Sun screen: not only for a day at the beach!

You probably stock up on your sunscreen, whenever the Canadian sun shines through, as most people only bother slathering on sunscreen when they’re in sunny climates. However, did you know that while you are unlikely to get sunburn in cold weather, any time you are outside during the day, you are exposed to UV rays, which means you still can get skin damage?



Most of us are familiar with UVB rays, which are strongest during the summer months and can cause sunburn. These rays are the ones SPF (sun protection factor) levels refer to on the front of packaging. On the other hand, UVA rays are responsible for dramatically ageing skin, and can cause skin discolouration, wrinkles, brown spots and even cancer. The only way to protect yourself from them is by covering up and wearing sunscreen. This will help to defend your skin from the dangers of UV rays and is an essential part of a good sun care routine.


Which SPF is best?

The main rule would be, the higher the sunscreen factor, the better. Children and babies will need products especially formulated for them as they have delicate skin. Most people should choose an SPF of at least 30; if you are very fair-skinned, go for a higher SPF. Higher factors filter out more of the sunrays: factor 30 filters up to 97% of the rays, while factor 50 filters up to 98% of the rays. So, for maximum sun care, choose the highest factor you can find.


How about the formula?

It is important to select a sunscreen that has broad spectrum protection and is water resistant, like the Ombrelle Sport Endurance range, especially during summer, since you will probably spend more time being active outdoors. In addition, you should use sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type; stay away from thick formulas if you have oily skin, and choose softer versions if your skin is sensitive.


Sun protection is crucial year-round. Keep in mind that the sun doesn’t take a day off! Using a sunscreen that includes a high SPF level and is suitable for your skin type is the best bet to keep your skin healthy.